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The Surrendered Will Ch 7
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Prayer that Delivers Part I

Written by: Daniel Kolenda
Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Breaking the Curses"

“Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:” Isaiah 59:1

God wants to answer our prayers of intercession more than we want Him to answer them. Intercession is not a human invention…it is God’s idea! He has called us to partner with Him in prayer. God longs to reveal His great power in cities, regions, and nations in order that multitudes of people may be saved. He wants to reveal Himself to those who walk in darkness that they may behold the glorious light of the Gospel and come to Him. He longs to see hell plundered and Heaven populated!

He has given His people (the Church) all the tools we need through prayer and faith in the mighty name of Jesus to see that happen if we will only use them as He has intended. He has put into our hands the keys of the Kingdom that are capable of unlocking the treasure houses of Heaven, shattering the chains off of nations, destroying yokes, and breaking curses.

Breaking the Curses
We have seen this so often in our massive Gospel campaigns around the world. In many of the African villages where we minister, the people have lived in fear of certain curses and demonic principalities that have kept them in bondage and terror for generations. Often these strongholds have names familiar to every local inhabitant, but the people dare not say them aloud for fear of the demon powers behind them. When we come for one of our Gospel campaigns, we challenge these forces with the power of the cross. We ask that a list of the local curses be provided and then through the massive sound system we begin to pray, calling out the curses and breaking them by name, one by one, in the name of Jesus! After each curse is broken, a mighty AMEN rises from the crowd and a palpable sense of freedom and joy causes the people to dance and sing.

In one city, the witch doctors practiced their divination by standing on certain “sacred” stones that they claimed would speak to them. After our campaign, the witch doctors began to complain, “The stones no longer speak.” Through prayer we have the power to overcome the enemy and to break every chain.


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